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Energy Projects: Difficult

Installing solar panels is a higher difficulty project but it will produce a lot of clean energy, save money and can even generate extra income for your congregation.  It is recommended to hire a licensed professional to install panels.

Directory of Professional Virginia Solar Panel installers

However, accomplished do-it -yourselfers can do it as well.

How To Install Solar Panels Yourself

Many local agencies offer incentive programs for institutions that undertake energy efficiency projects. Some utility companies will purchase surplus energy that their customers produce. Information can be found by following this link.     

Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.  

Replacing old and inefficient heating and air conditioning systems will save money and reduce emissions. These case studies detail the savings and pollution reduction achieve by congregations around the country.

In Depth Case Study: Boston Synagogue, Boston MA

Case Study: St. Andrew’s (Episcopal), Wellesley MA

Case Study: All Saints Parish (Episcopal), Brookline, MA