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EPA Energy Start Profile Manager

Background:  The Genesis Covenant

The 76th General Convention, meeting in Anaheim, California, in 2009, adopted the following goal for reduced energy consumption in facilities of the Episcopal Church:

Memorializing the Genesis Covenant – Resolution C070

Resolved, the House of Deputies concurring, That the 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church affirm that The Episcopal Church become a signatory to the Genesis Covenant, thereby making a public commitment to work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from every facility it maintains by a minimum of 50% within ten years.


The EPA Energy Star Portfolio Manager

To implement the Genesis Covenant, our Presiding Bishop, Katharine Jefferts Schori, has encouraged Dioceses and Parishes to use the Profile Manager software developed by the EPA Energy Star Program to measure and profile themselves relative to other congregations’ baseline energy consumption and reductions achieved through retrofits. 

The EPA Profile Manager software incorporates information about how electricity is produced in the grid where a church facility is located and is also a means to consolidate reports of energy consumption by individual churches, e.g., in a region, the Diocese, or all dioceses of the Episcopal Church.  Accordingly, the Profile Manager software provides a consistent means for the Church to estimate its reductions in greenhouse gas emissions through reduced energy consumption in its facilities, i.e., to measure consistently and comprehensively the Church's progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions from all church facilities . The software is, therefore, a significant programmatic support for fulfilment of the Church's Genesis Covenant pledge commitment and is not simply another, alternative data system for tracking individual churches’ actual uses of electricity, water, and natural gas.

One subpage of the Energy Star website is specifically supports congregational initiatives to reduce energy consumption.  This page has a link to a 38 page booklet, Putting Energy into Stewardship: Energy Star for Congregations (downloadable as a *.pdf  file) that has hot links to state and national resources that may be resources in reducing energy consumption.  The handbook may be downloaded here.

Over a period of many years and the Energy Star Portfolio Manager has evolved into a powerful program with means to manage very complex energy consumption profiles.  To ease adoption of the Portfolio Manager as a monitoring tool, EPA’s Portfolio Manager Overview subpage has a link to a getting started guide for benchmarking.