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Youth Program Resources

A continuing concerrn of the Committee in recent years has been to identify effective means for introducing the features and morality of environmental stewardship into programs for youth at different stages of maturity.  The Committee wishes to publicize the experiences of churches in implementing programs that have stimulated youth engagement and moral awareness.  A church's experience in developing an effective program will likely have most benefit for other churches if the objectives, course materials, and any results from evaluations are described.  The Committee website has the capability to upload materials for download by other churches that may find a program relevant.

CreationTrail: Eagle Scout Project, St. Stephen’s St. Agnes School, Alexandria, Virginia

With guidance from The Rev. Rosemary Beales, Lower School Chaplain at St. Stephen’s St. Agnes School, Alexandria, Virginia, Clay Kane ’13, developed and implemented as an Eagle Scout project the landscape design for a 14-stop creation trail on the school grounds.  Students in the Lower School have composed prayers celebrating the respective features of each stop.  Upon completion of a project undertaken by the school’s Fifth Grade, at each of the numbered stops, a person will be able to scan a QR code and view on a smartphone information about the stop, a prayer written by students inspired by features of the stop, and may listen to students’ readings of the prayers. The landscape plan, texts of prayers, and descriptions of the stops are here.  Additional background on the project and its inspiration is here.