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Christ Ascension Episcopal Church, Richmond, Virginia

Located just west of the Bellevue neighborhood in the Northside neighborhood of Richmond, Christ Ascension Episcopal Church was built during 1959-61, a time when the energy efficiency of a building was a neglected concern. The Church regained independent parish status two years ago, and relies on income from two tenants for a significant part of its annual budget.

While acknowledging that that the building is grossly inefficient with many poorly designed features, the Church has been able to identify both short-term and longer term measures that can be taken to improve the efficiency of its uses of energy and water.  Rocco Tricarico, an architect and former Chair of this Committee, provided early technical support to the Church in support of that effort.

One of the tenants, a day care center, uses the Sunday School wing five days a week. The wing as constructed lacked insulation and was relying on heat from an inefficient HVAC system dating from the time of building construction. To preserve that revenue stream, the church is installing a high-efficiency ductless system to heat the school wing, and also to provide better heat to the library and church offices – the parts of the building that are used most intensively.

The Church found that profiling the church’s energy consumption using the EPA software was instrumental for achieving consensus that improving church energy efficiency should be a priority. Its baseline profile revealed that Christ Ascension fell in the bottom 1-percentile of churches with EPA profiles.

The Church’s lead for this project was Charles Jenkins. Some tips and advice from the Church’s experience, including steps taken by the Church to obtain profiling results with the EPA software that correlated with its periodic financial reports, are here.

For additional information, contact Bob Moffett through the Church.